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Sibley's New Mexico Campaign

by Hall, Martin Hardwick
Publisher: University of New Mexico Press
Retail Price: $29.95
Issue: Summer 2001
ISBN: 0826322778

When Confederate General Henry Hopkins Sibley pushed into New Mexico in 1862 with 3,000 Texas soldiers he achieved initial victory at Valverde only to suffer defeat at Glorieta. Martin Hardwick Hall's account of those events, now reprinted, concludes that the "New Mexico campaign was a gallant, but essentially impractical, effort to accomplish a great objective with woefully inadequate resources." Hall also notes that Sibley's hungry and undisciplined men alienated the local Hispanic residents, who embraced the Union forces the ultimately repulsed Sibley's expedition.

review of Sibley's New Mexico Campaign, by Hall, Martin Hardwick, Civil War Book Review, (Summer 2001).