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Marye's Heights--Fredericksburg (Battleground America)

by Brooks, Victor
Publisher: Combined Publishing
Retail Price: $16.95
Issue: Summer 2001
ISBN: 1580970362

As the battle of Fredericksburg neared, Union and Confederate soldiers could observe one another from hills overlooking the Rappahannock River. Marye's Heights was the most prominent ridge on the Confederate side. Even after Union troops crossed the icy water in December 1862, they could not dislodge Confederates from Marye's Heights, although 8,000 men perished in the attempt. This short guide to Fredericksburg includes maps, photos, and recommended tour stops, along with battle narrative.

review of Marye's Heights--Fredericksburg (Battleground America), by Brooks, Victor, Civil War Book Review, (Summer 2001).