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Civil War Generalship: The Art of Command

by Wood, W.J.
Publisher: Da Capo
Retail Price: $18.00
Issue: Summer 2001
ISBN: 0306809737

Using the commands of six Civil War generals---Stonewall Jackson, Nathaniel Banks, William Rosecrans, Braxton Bragg, John B. Hood, and George Thomas---as case studies, W.J. Wood argues that European techniques were neither influential nor practical in the American context. "The outstanding feature in each case was its pragmatism," Wood concludes. "That pragmatism was not only exhibited in action during a campaign or a battle, but was reflected in how the commanders came to perceive the impracticality of trying to apply the tenets of the manuals or the presumptions of the theorists to solving their ever present problems."

review of Civil War Generalship: The Art of Command, by Wood, W.J., Civil War Book Review, (Summer 2001).