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Recovered Wreckage,
Active Amputees,
& General Judgment

by Hardie, Frank Winter Issue: Summer 2005

The mission of the United States Civil War Center is to examine the war in innovative ways; we continue to carry on that tradition with this issue of the Civil War Book Review. Even more so than usual, this issue's books discuss the Civil War from a wide variety of disciplines.

Secrets of a Civil War Submarine (Carolrhoda Books, ISBN 1575058308, $18.95, hardcover) is veiled as a children's book, but will interest readers of all ages. In it, Sally M. Walker describes the various areas of scholarship used to recover the wreckage and story of the long lost H.L. Hunley. Leading us into the realm of literary criticism, reviewer C. Stuart Chapman explores James Panabaker's critique of Foote as a modern Southern writer in Shelby Foote and the Art of History (University of Tennessee Press, ISBN 1572333189, $32.00, hardcover). In our Perspectives from Afield and Afar column, William Etter introduces us to the unique subject matter of The Civil War Letters of Colonel Charles F. Johnson, Invalid Corps (University of Massachusetts Press, ISBN 155849460X, $26.95, softcover), which describe, among other things, the role of active disabled Union soldiers.

Equally absorbing is our interview with Major Charles R. Bowery, Jr., recently deployed to Iraq as a field-grade-officer, and author of Lee & Grant: Profiles in Leadership from the Battlefields of Virginia (AMACOM, ISBN 0814408192, $24.00, hardcover). For a profile in mediocre leadership, we turn to David Gerleman's review of Commander of All Lincoln's Armies: A Life of General Henry W. Halleck by John F. Marszalek (Harvard University Press, ISBN 0674014936, $29.95, hardcover).

To examine how integral slavery was in the development of America, Ervin L. Jordan delves into Slavery and the Making of America (Oxford University Press, ISBN 019517903X, $35.00, hardcover) by James Oliver Horton and Lois E. Horton. In Rediscovering Civil War Classics, David Madden traces the development of Henry Adams's novels Democracy and Esther into two, modern stage performance pieces. In her new column, Civil War Treasures, Leah Wood Jewett describes an archived letter, dated April 18, 1865, in which the son of a plantation owner writes home about the plans of his regiment without the knowledge that Robert E. Lee's army had already surrendered.

Carolyn M. Jones helps us understand how Southerners reconciled slavery and religion in her review of Sanctified Trial (University of North Carolina Press, ISBN 1572333138, $42.00, hardcover). Carol Bundy's The Nature of Sacrifice (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, ISBN 0374120773, $30.00, hardcover) restores a human element to the enshrined figure of Charles Russell Lowell, Jr., and The Sword of Lincoln (Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0743225066, $30.00, hardcover) is an attempt by Jeffry D. Wert to tell the story of the Army of the Potomac in a single, thorough volume. Walter Brian Cisco's Wade Hampton: Confederate Warrior, Conservative Statesman (Brassey's Inc., ISBN 1574886266, $28.00, hardcover) offers a look at the life and career of the lesser known cavalryman who replaced J.E.B. Stuart.

This issue contains over 40 annotations of new and reprinted titles; here are a few worthy of special mention:

Abraham Lincoln, President-Elect by Larry D. Mansch
His Brother's Blood edited by William F. Moore and Jane Ann Moore
Memoranda During the War by Walt Whitman
Myths of the Plantation Society by Nathalie Dessens
Showing the Flag edited by Lawrence J. Bopp and Stephen R Bockmiller
The Pearl by Josephine E. Pacheco

As always, I am very thankful for our reviewers, for their contributions of time and energy to the Civil War Book Review. Their work not only benefits the CWBR; their careful analysis and dedication to scholarship ensures that the researching, writing, and publication of excellent books on the Civil War on a variety of topics, for diverse audiences, will continue for a long time to come.

review of EDITORIAL:

Recovered Wreckage,
Active Amputees,
& General Judgment
, by Hardie, Frank Winter, Civil War Book Review, (Summer 2005).