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Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border

by Gilmore, Donald L.
Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company
Retail Price: $29.95
Issue: Spring 2006
ISBN: 1589803299

In an effort to discourage Missouri from joining the ranks of the Confederacy, President Abraham Lincoln ordered a strong military presence to the Missouri-Kansas border region in the months prior to the Civil War. Kansan soldiers supported by Union forces used the confiscation of private property, physical coercion, and martial law to frighten Missourians into submission. These repeated incursions left Missourians with little choice but to retaliate. In the years prior to and during the Civil War, they engaged in guerilla-like tactics against their aggressors and, in the process, were transformed from innocents into cold-blooded killers.

review of Civil War on the Missouri-Kansas Border, by Gilmore, Donald L., Civil War Book Review, (Spring 2006).