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United No more! Stories of the Civil War

by Rappaport, Doreen and Verniero, Joan
Publisher: HarperCollins
Retail Price: $15.99
Issue: Spring 2006
ISBN: 0060505990

Doreen Rappaprot and Joan Verniero outline the major events of Civil War by telling the stories of seven unique individuals. Men and women, white and black, Northerner and Southerner, these people approached the war in different ways but were all changed by their experiences. Replete with maps and illustrations, United No More! presents the history of the war such that it allows younger readers to understand the conflict's most significant moments while also showing how the struggle affected individuals from every strata of American society.

review of United No more! Stories of the Civil War, by Rappaport, Doreen, Civil War Book Review, (Spring 2006).