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Virginia at War, 1861

by Davis, William C., editor and Robertson, Jr., James I., editor
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Retail Price: $35.00
Issue: Spring 2006
ISBN: 0813123720

Virginia may have been the eighth state to succeed from the Union, but it was the first to provide cohesiveness to the fledgling Confederate States of America. Home to Gen. Robert E. Lee as well as the Rebel capital of Richmond, the Old Dominion state served as the political hub and primary military arena for North and South. The eight essays presented by editors William C. Davis and James I. Robertson, Jr. imparts not only the significant role the state played during the war but also reveals the social and cultural impact the conflict had on average Virginians.

review of Virginia at War, 1861, by Davis, William C., editor, Civil War Book Review, (Spring 2006).