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The Yankee Invasion of Texas

by Townsend, Stephen A.
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
Retail Price: $25.00
Issue: Fall 2006
ISBN: 1585444871

Although well removed from the major theaters of battle, Texas played a crucial role in the supplying of Confederate troops and the maintenance of economic links to the outside world during the Civil War. Accordingly, on October 26, 1863, Union forces launched the Rio Grande Expedition in hopes of striking a blow to both the Lone Star State and its rebel allies. Historian Stephen A. Townsend analyzes this foray, its military maneuvering, its affects on the local populace, and its ultimate failure to capture more than the port of Brownsville.

review of The Yankee Invasion of Texas, by Townsend, Stephen A., Civil War Book Review, (Fall 2006).