Giving to the LSU Libraries

Middleton Library

Why Give?

Gifts to the LSU Libraries benefit students and researchers at LSU and thousands of businesses, educational institutions, and individual citizens throughout the state of Louisiana who use our resources onsite, online, and through interlibrary loan.

LSU Libraries Development

Throughout LSU's 150 years librarians have worked hand in hand with scholars and donors to create collections that support the university's academic programs. Many of the unique archival materials purchased through the donations of library contributors benefit students and scholars throughout the world. Your gift will help the library to both create and share resources.

Without the partnership of loyal LSU alumni, faculty and other generous benefactors like you, we could not provide vital instructional and research materials demanded by today's students and faculty at Louisiana's flagship institution. While our patrons rely heavily upon ready access to technology through the use of computers, networks, delivery systems, video and audiovisual hardware, the LSU Libraries will never be only a repository of knowledge. It is a dynamic and integral place where learning is used and shared. In a world of accelerating costs, your philanthropic support is an essential component of our success.