Topic Guide to Early 20th Century Astronomy

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Significant Dates

1894 - Lowell Observatory is established in Flagstaff, Arizona by Percival Lowell
1894-1908 - Lowell publishes details about life on Mars
1899 - William Henry Pickering discovers Saturn's ninth moon
1900 - Max Planck lays the foundation for quantum physics
ca. 1900 - Spectroscopy expands with the advent of quantum physics
1904 - Mount Wilson Observatory founded in Los Angeles, California by George Elergy Hale
1905 - Albert Einstein introduces his "Theory of Relativity"
1906 - Percival Lowell begins his search for Planet X (Pluto)
1910 - Great January Comet of 1910 appears in the southern hemisphere
1910 - First photograph of Halley's Comet
1912 - Vesto Slipher's discovers galactic redshifts
1917 - The 100-inch telescope at Mount Wilson's Observatory is completed
1922 - Alexander Friedmann proposes the idea of an expanding universe

Suggested Search Terms

Origin Earth, Planets, Universe, T.J.J. See, Percival Lowell, W.H. Pickering, Lowell Observatory, Naval Observatory, V.M.Slipher, Andromeda, Nebula, Halley's Comet

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