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Significant Dates

1850 - US Census lists four Louisiana deaths as result of leprosy (now known as Hansen's Disease)
1888 - Data leaked from New Orleans Charity Hospital reveals leprosy is endemic
1880s - Rate of incidence for leprosy rises
1894 - Louisiana Leper Home opens in Carville, LA at former sugar plantation known as Indian Camp, becomes center for research and treatment of lepers from throughout United States
1905 - State purchases Leper Home and assumes custody of patients
1909 - Leper Home damaged by hurricane; Repairs cost an estimated $8,000
1917 - US Senate passes legislation to found National Leprosarium
1921 - Leper Home selected as site for National Leprosarium to be administered by the US Public Health Service, and renamed US Marine Hospital No. 66: The National Leprosarium; Funding for research and treatment is increased

Suggested Search Terms

leprosy, leper, leper home, louisiana leper home, leper colony, Carville

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