Newspaper Histories

Abbeville Progress : 1913-1922Read history
The American Patriot : (Clinton) 1854-1856Read history
The Avoyelles Pelican : (Marksville) 1861-1864Read history
The Banner-Democrat : (Lake Providence) 1892-1922Read history
Baton-Rouge Gazette : 1836-1851Read history
Baton Rouge Tri-weekly Gazette & Comet : 1865-1868Read history
The Bienville Democrat : 1919-1922Read history
Bogalusa Enterprise : 1914-1917Read history
Bogalusa Enterprise and American : 1918-1922Read history
Bossier Banner : 1859-1922Read history
The Caldwell Watchman : (Columbia) 1894-1922 Read history
The Carrollton Sun : 1860-1861 Read history
The Caucasian : (Alexandria) 1874-1875Read history
The Caucasian : (Shreveport) 1900-1920Read history
Claiborne Guardian : (Homer) 1877-1883 Read history
The Colfax Chronicle : 1876-1877 Read history
The Colfax Chronicle : 1877-1922 Read history
The Comrade : (Winnfield) 1890-1911 Read history
The Concordia Eagle : (Vidalia) 1875-1883 Read history
The Concordia Sentinel : (Vidalia) 1911-1922Read history
The Constitutional : (Alexandria) 1860-1861Read history
The Daily Comet : (Baton Rouge) 1852-1855Read history
The Daily Crescent : (New Orleans) 1848-1851Read history
Daily Gazette and Comet : (Baton Rouge) 1856-1860 Read history
The Daily Telegraph : (Monroe) 1870-1886Read history
The Donaldsonville Chief : 1871-1922Read history
The Era-Leader : (Franklinton) 1910-1922 Read history
The Feliciana Democrat : (Clinton) 1855-1859Read history
Feliciana Sentinel : (St. Francisville) 1877-1892 Read history
Gazette and Sentinel : (Plaquemine) 1858-1861Read history
The Herald : (New Orleans) 1909-1922 Read history
The Home Advocate : (Farmerville) 1885-1887Read history
Homer Guardian : 1888-1890Read history
Houma Ceres : 1855-1858Read history
The Houma Courier : 1879-1922Read history
The Independent : (Harrisonburg) 1853-1861Read history
The Jennings Daily Record : 1901-1903 Read history
Lafayette Advertiser : 1869-1914 Read history
The Lafayette Gazette : 1893-1921 Read history
Lake Charles Commercial : 1881-1897Read history
The Lake Charles Echo : 1876-1894Read history
The Llano Colonist : (Leesville) 1922Read history
Louisiana Capitolian : (Baton Rouge) 1879-1881Read history
The Louisiana Cotton-Boll : (Lafayette) 1873-1879Read history
The Louisiana Democrat : (Alexandria) 1859-1903Read history
The Louisiana Populist : (Natchitoches) 1894-1898 Read history
Le Louisianais : (Convent) 1865-1881Read history
The Louisianian : (New Orleans) 1870-1871 Read history
Lower Coast Gazette : (Pointe-a-la-Hache) 1909-1914Read history
The Lumberjack : (Alexandria) 1913Read history
The Madison Journal : (Tallulah) 1889-1922Read history
Madison Times : (Tallulah) 1884-1888 Read history
The Meridional : (Abbeville) 1877-1906 Read history
Le Meschacébé : (Lucy) 1854-1922Read history
Le Messager : (Bringier) 1851-1855 Read history
The Morehouse Clarion : (Bastrop) 1880-1895Read history
The Morgan City Daily Review : 1916-1920Read history
The Morning Comet : (Baton Rouge) 1856Read history
The Morning Star and Catholic Messenger : (New Orleans) 1868-1879 Read history
The Natchitoches Enterprise : 1889-1922Read history
Natchitoches Populist : 1898-1899Read history
Natchitoches Spectator : 1867-1868 Read history
Natchitoches Union : 1861-1862Read history
New Iberia Enterprise : 1885-1902Read history
New Iberia Enterprise and Independent Observer : 1902-1921Read history
The New Orleans Bulletin : 1874-1876Read history
The New Orleans Crescent : 1868-1869Read history
New Orleans Daily Crescent : 1851-1866Read history
The New Orleans Democrat : 1875-1876Read history
The New Orleans Daily Democrat : 1877-1880Read history
New Orleans Republican : 1867-1878Read history
The Opelousas Courier : 1852-1910Read history
The Opelousas Journal : 1868-1878Read history
The Opelousas Patriot : 1855-1861Read history
The Ouachita Telegraph : (Monroe) 1865-1889Read history
The Patriot : (Glenmora) 1918-1922Read history
El Pelayo : (New Orleans) 1851Read history
The People's Vindicator : (Natchitoches) 1874-1883Read history
Pioneer of Assumption : (Napoleonville) 1877-1895Read history
Le Pionnier de l'Assomption : (Napoleonville) 1850-1855Read history
The Planters' Banner : (Franklin) 1849-1872Read history
Pointe Coupee Democrat : (New Roads) 1858-1862Read history
The Progress : (Shreveport) 1892-1898Read history
Rapides Gazette : (Alexandria) 1871-1873 Read history
The Register : (Monroe) 1859-1860Read history
The Rice Belt Journal : (Welsh) 1900-1922Read history
Richland Beacon : (Rayville) 1871-1889Read history
Semi-Weekly Louisianian : (New Orleans) 1871-1872Read history
The Semi-Weekly Natchitoches Times : 1866-1867Read history
Semi-Weekly News : (Shreveport) 1865 Read history
The Semi-Weekly Republican : (St. Francisville) 1872Read history
The Semi-Weekly Shreveport News : 1862-1864 Read history
La Sentinelle de Thibodaux : 1863-1866Read history
Shreveport Daily News : 1861 Read history
Shreveport News : 1864Read history
Shreveport Semi-Weekly News : 1861-1862Read history
Shreveport Semi-Weekly News : 1865-1866 Read history
The Shreveport Weekly News : 1861Read history
Shreveport Weekly News : 1863 Read history
Shreveport Weekly News : 1866 Read history
Southern Sentinel : (Plaquemine) 1848-1858Read history
The Southern Sentinel : (Winnfield) 1884-1909Read history
The South-western : (Shreveport) 1854-1870 Read history
The St. Charles Herald : (Hahnville) 1875-1922Read history
St. Landry Clarion : (Opelousas) 1890-1921 Read history
St. Landry Democrat : (Opelousas) 1878-1894Read history
The St. Landry Whig : (Opelousas) 1844-1855Read history
The St. Mary Banner : (Franklin) 1891-1912Read history
St. Tammany Farmer : (Covington) 1878-1922 Read history
The Star-Progress : (Opelousas) 1917-1921Read history
Sugar Planter : (Port Allen) 1856-1922Read history
Tensas Gazette : (St. Joseph) 1886-1922Read history
Thibodaux Commercial Journal : 1919-1922Read history
Thibodaux Minerva : 1853-1856Read history
The Thibodaux Sentinel : 1905-1912Read history
True American : (New Orleans) 1836-1839Read history
The True Democrat : (Bayou Sara) 1892-1922Read history
Vernon Parish Democrat : (Leesville) 1919-1922Read history
The Voice of the People : (New Orleans) 1913-1914Read history
The Weekly Comet : (Baton Rouge) 1853-1855Read history
The Weekly Echo : (Lake Charles) 1868-1876Read history
The Weekly Iberian : 1894-1922Read history
The Weekly Louisianian : (New Orleans) 1872-1882Read history
The Weekly Messenger : (St. Martinville) 1886-1922Read history
The Weekly Thibodaux Sentinel : 1898-1905Read history
The Weekly Thibodaux Sentinel & Journal of the 8th Senatorial District : 1875-1898Read history
West Feliciana Sentinel : (St. Francisville, La.) 1876-1877Read history
Woman's Enterprise : (Baton Rouge) 1921-1922Read history

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