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Significant Dates

1900 – July 23, in an altercation with New Orleans police, African American laborer Robert Charles shoots three policemen, killing two of them; he flees the scene and a citywide manhunt ensues
1900 – July 24, rioting breaks out among white citizens of New Orleans; Violence against blacks is rampant
1900 – July 25, violence intensifies, with three blacks killed, five whites hospitalized, and over fifty people injured
1900 – July 27, deadly clash between Robert Charles and New Orleans police at 1208 Saratoga St. leads to the shooting death of Robert Charles, after he kills seven men and injures twenty-seven
1900 – In response to the riots, Bostonian Lillian Jewett starts the Anti-Lynching League; New Orleanians respond by forming the Green Turtle Club, and threaten Jewett’s life
1900 – The name “Robert Charles” is later associated with other African Americans accused of violence in Louisiana newspapers

Suggested Search Terms

Robert Charles, John Day, Lillian Jewett, riot

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