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Significant Dates

1834 - Norbert Rillieux, a free man of color from New Orleans, invents first triple-effect evaporator, which significantly reduces fuel consumption in manufacture of sugarcane
1860 - Sugarcane is a major industry in Louisiana, bolstered by an enslaved labor force of 300,000
1861-1865 - Louisiana sugar production plummets during US Civil War
1864 - There are only 175 sugar plantations, reduced from the 1,200 sugar plantations in existence in 1861
1877 - Louisiana Sugar Planters' Association (LSPA) is founded for the purposes of research and technological innovation
1880s & 1990s - Louisiana sugarcane industry faces increasing competition from Cuba, Hawaii and Philippines; Plantation culture declines as sugarcane cultivation and processing become separate enterprises
1885 - Sugar Experiment Station at Kenner is founded by LSPA with William Carter Stubbs as director
1890 - Sugar Experiment Station moves to Audobon Park
1891 - Audubon Sugar School is founded at the Sugar Experiment Station offering two-year curriculum in chemistry, agriculture, and mechanical engineering
1896 - Audubon Sugar School Closes due to financial difficulties
1897 - Audubon Sugar School is incorporated into a degree program at Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College
1900s - Louisiana sugar production suffers due to sugarcane mosaic virus, which is not fully remedied until the late 1920s
1922 - The Louisiana Sugar Planters’ Association merges with the American Cane Growers’ Association and the Producers’ and Manufacturers’ Protective Association

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sugar cane, cane, sugar experiment station, W.C. Stubbs, sugar mills, sugar refinery, sugar factory, sugar trusts, mosaic disease, mosaic virus

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