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Significant Dates

1826 – American Temperance Society is formed in Boston
1842 – Sons of Temperance is formed in New York City
1861-1865 – The Civil War becomes the prime focus of the nation; major temperance activities are put on hold
1874 – National Woman's Christian Temperance Union (W.C.T.U.) is founded in Cleveland
1893 – Anti-Saloon League forms in Oberlin, Ohio with the aim of promoting legislation for nationwide prohibition
1918 – Louisiana state legislature ratifies the 18th Amendment by a narrow margin as north and central "dry" areas defeated the "wet" votes of southern Louisiana and New Orleans
1919 – The production, transport, and sale of alcohol becomes illegal on January 16, when Nebraska becomes the 36th of 48 states to ratify the 18th Amendment
1919 – The National Prohibition Act (also called the Volstead Act), which provided enforcement to the 18th Amendment, is passed by Congress on October 28
1919 – Woodrow Wilson vetoes the National Prohibition Act
1919 – Congress immediately votes to override Wilson's veto
1920 – The 18th Amendment takes effect on January 17
1933 – The 18th Amendment is repealed

Suggested Search Terms

Temperance, Prohibition, Teetotalism, Anti-Saloon, 18th Amendment, Volstead Act, National Prohibition Act, Prohibition Party, Sons of Temperance

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