About the E-Textbooks Initiative

What is the e-textbooks initiative?

At the heart of LSU Libraries' mission is the goal of providing access to resources essential for teaching and learning. To that end, the e-textbook initiative provides students with quick access to course materials available for free through LSU Libraries. It also provides instructors with an easy-to-use search tool to identify e-books that the Libraries either already owns or can purchase for use in courses.

How was this search developed?

This search interface was developed by LSU Libraries with valuable support from LSU’s Student Government, S15RS SGFB no. 6.

I can’t find the textbook I use. Why are some textbooks unavailable?

LSU Libraries will only purchase items that meet the following criteria:

  • unlimited simultaneous use
  • unrestricted printing
  • perpetual access

This includes hundreds of thousands of titles from major publishers such as Project Muse, Elsevier, and JSTOR. Since not all publishers meet these requirements, some books cannot be purchased for this program. This includes major traditional publishers like McGraw-Hill and Pearson.

If you’re having trouble finding a book, email David Dunaway at ddunaw1@lsu.edu.

What is the difference between titles marked Available Now - Assign to my Course versus Prompt LSU Libraries to Purchase?

Available Now - Assign to my Course indicates the Libraries owns the e-book. You can review it by clicking on the book cover or title. By clicking on Assign to my Class and completing the form, we will have the information to build our student page and will send you a link to the e-book that will work on- and off-campus.

Prompt LSU Libraries to Purchase indicates that, while we do not currently own the title, we will purchase it if it is being assigned in a course.

How quickly will the e-textbook be available once a purchase is triggered?

This varies by publisher, but it generally takes 2-3 weeks.