Copyright @ LSU

Universities create and consume copyrighted materials of all kinds as a matter of course.  Faculty and staff routinely author copyrightable works as part of their teaching, research, and community outreach roles.  Conversely, these roles rely upon being able to use other people's copyrighted materials.   Copyrighted works are both the fuel and the product of universities.

Digitization and the internet have made it much easier to locate, reproduce and redistribute copyrighted material.  With the lowering of the barriers to copying and re-using other's works, combined with automatic copyright protection for original works, some knowledge of copyright law has become an inescapable necessity for univerisity faculty, staff, and students.

Find out what a copyright is, what can be used, who owns newly created works and more.  While you may not always know the 'answers', start learning the questions.


Materials on this website are provided for informational and educational use only and do not constitute legal advice.  The only office on campus that provides legal advice is the Office of General Counsel.