All of us are copyright owners/holders whether we realize it or not.  In the U.S., copyright attaches automatically as soon as an original work is fixed in a tangible medium of expression.  Therefore, such things as photos, emails, videos, letters, and papers are all examples of original works created every day that are fully protected by copyright whether they are ‘published’, registered, or display a copyright notice.

What does it mean to be a copyright holder?  What are a holder’s rights and responsibilities?  How do you protect your copyrights against infringers?  Can you transfer your copyright?  What are some options for managing your copyright?

These questions are particularly important for faculty, students, staff and other authors and creators at LSU.  Who does own, and is therefore responsible for the management of copyright in course materials, scholarly articles, books, monographs and other work of authorship?


What Do I Own?

Managing What You Own