Digital Services

About Digital Services

LSU Libraries Digital Services began with digitization efforts in the Special Collections department as early as 1991. Current digitization efforts are project-driven and programmatic. The department serves other Libraries' departments and community partners.

The Digital Services department develops digital collections and projects to enhance scholarship and research, to increase access to the Libraries' traditional holdings, to support university faculty and students' teaching and learning, and to promote the history and culture of Louisiana to its citizens. 


  • To develop institutional policies for the long-term organization, preservation, maintenance, and accessibility of our digital assets;
  • To continue active participation in university-wide and state-wide digital initiatives, including the Louisiana Digital Library and collaborative grant ventures.
  • To continue concerted efforts to provide staffing and equipment for digitization efforts through grants, donations, and additional institutional funding.

To learn more about how you can partner with Digital Services, please see our Policies pageTo see material digitized by Digital Services, visit the Louisiana Digital Library