Literature, Reading and Writing

This guide describes collections documenting literature, reading, and writing in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections (LLMVC) at LSU. It includes the papers of authors, novelists, playwrights, poets, journalists, editors, critics, professors, and historians as writers. Materials in the collections include drafts of literary works (novels, short stories, essays, and plays, among other genres) correspondence, diaries, biographical sketches, research materials, galley proofs, and book reviews. "Literary works" as defined here include popular works, poetry transcribed in diaries, and other common efforts at literary expression. Collections dealing with reading and publishing are also described in this guide. Diary-writing in itself (apart from diaries that contain literature or are the diaries of literary authors) does not qualify a collection for inclusion in this guide. Other diaries will be found in the guides to plantations and women's collections. Most of the collections are from Louisiana, but there are also materials from other areas of the Lower Mississippi Valley.

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Montan, Douglass C. Collection, circa 1860-1896. 4 items. Location: Misc. Baton Rouge author and businessman. Newspaper obituary and photographs of Douglass C. Montan and a photograph of his wife, Isabel Montan. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1501.

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Moore, Alison. Papers, 1920-1984. 17 linear ft. Location: 12:1-13. Graduate of LSU and a librarian at LSU from 1929 to 1958. Moore was also a historian of the Civil War and the author of Old Bob Wheat, High Private; The Louisiana Tigers; And Sixty '60s. Papers include research materials, manuscripts, and related correspondence; grade books; and some business correspondence. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4108.

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Morrill, Nellie. Manuscript, ca. 1902. 1 item (9 typewritten pages). Location: Misc.:M. Manuscript of 'Pualeilani,' a story of the home of Hawaiian royalty, written by Morrill, a short time after the end of royal rule in Hawaii and when the Islands were in their initial stage as a territory of the United States. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1386.

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Moss, Martha, 1827-1859. Diary, 1853-1870. 1 volume, 3 items. Location J:20, MISC:M. Diary of Martha Moss, a New Orleans Sabbath school teacher. In it, she discusses her classes and students, including her disappointment that one of her students “has embraced the religion of the Romish church” (June 18, 1855). Moss also recounts her charitable work, shopping excursions in New Orleans, her reading habits, pieces she has written or plans to write for various periodicals, and the death of her younger sister in February 1855. For further information see online catalog. Mss. 5067.

Mouton, Emma Gardner. Scrapbook. 1836-1861, 1897. 4 items, 1 volume. Location: M:19. MISC:M. Newspaper clippings about the wedding of Emma Kitchell Gardner to Senator Alexander Mouton of Louisiana and his political career as governor. The scrapbook includes copies of sermons, poetry, and translations of compositions by Mrs. Mouton. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2362.

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Murdoch, James Edward, 1811-1893. Papers, 1837-1903. 35 items. Location: A:2. American actor and father of Fannie Murdoch. They were associated with John Pierpont, a Unitarian clergyman, author, and abolitionist. Collection consists of letters written to Murdoch, his daughter, John Pierpont, W. F. Bridges, and others from actors, authors, New England abolitionists, and Unitarian clergymen. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 667.

Murrill, Paul, 1934-. Papers, 1966, 1971. 1 linear ft. Location: 6:66. Chancellor of Louisiana State University (1974-1981). Typescripts of "Automatic Control of Processes" by Paul W. Murrill (1967); "Formulation and Optimization of Mathematical Models" by Cecil L. Smith, Ralph W. Pike and Paul W. Murrill (1970); and "PL/I Programming" by Paul W. Murrill and Cecil L. Smith (1973). For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2605.

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Narrative of a Journey on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers, 1839-1843, 1894. 1 v. Location: Misc.: N. volume is comprised of a narrative describing travel on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers from Opelousas, Louisiana, to Louisville, Kentucky. The unidentified author discusses fellow travelers, acquaintances, social activities and events, scenery, landscape, and conversations (Sept. 1843). William King, Mrs. George King and Henry Clay are among the many people the author mentions by name. The remainder of the volume is comprised of transcriptions of poetry (1839, undated). The front and back covers of the volume contain inscriptions by Edmona Walker King in which she quotes Cicero and comments on the origin of the closure rule (1894). Edmona Walker King was most probably a member of the King family of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Mss. 3540.

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Neal family scrapbook, 1843-1861. 1 ms. vol. (on microfilm). Location: Mss. Mf.:N. Possibly residents of Rapides Parish, Louisiana. Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of poetry, humor, articles pertaining to elections, slavery, politics, Confederate enlistments in Rapides Parish, and to national and international affairs. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2937.

Nesom, Anne Reiley. Notebooks, 1907-1951. 7 volumes. Location: 51:1. Native of East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana and poet. Notebooks consist of typewritten poems (published and unpublished) and indices to them; some prose works; handwritten notations; outlines for Nesom's poetry appreciation class; and newspaper clippings and other printed materials pertaining to friends and other interests. Mss. 4225.

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Nevils, René and Deborah Hardy. Papers, 1865-2001 (bulk 1979-2000). 2 linear ft., 1 compact disc. Location: 34:, AA:, OS:N. Authors of "Ignatius Rising: The Life of John Kennedy Toole." Papers include research gathered and conducted by Nevils and Hardy while writing the biography of the "A Confederacy of Dunces" author. Materials include correspondence, summaries and recordings (MP3 files) of interviews conducted with Toole's childhood friends and acquaintances, genealogical information on Toole's family, manuscript drafts, printed materials, photographic prints, and other audiovisual publicity materials (a VHS tape and two cassette tapes). Mss. 4794.

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Nicholls, Thomas C. (Thomas Clark), ca. 1790-1847. Reminiscences and Papers, 1837-1878 (bulk 1840-1842). 1 vol., 5 items. Location: B:50. Lawyer and judge of the Court of Errors and Appeals of New Orleans. His son, Francis T. Nicholls, was governor of Louisiana. Papers include reminiscences, poems, newspaper clippings, obituaries, family history and biographical information, and descriptions of New Orleans and the Creole culture of Attakapas, Louisiana. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2160.

Okolona States. Broadside, circa 1881. 1 printed item. Location:OS:O. Weekly newspaper published in Okolona, Mississippi. Broadside sheet, apparently intended to advertise the newspaper, reflects survival of secessionist and states' rights sentiments. Included are excerpts from a speech given by Jefferson Davis and a patriotic poem titled 'Southland' by Will H. Kernan. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2983.

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Opelousas Philharmonic, Literary and Dramatic Association handbill. Handbill, circa 1880-1920. 1 item. Location: E:Imprints. Benefit performance given for the Public School Building Fund. 'Ten Nights In A Bar-Room,' dramatized from T. S. Arthur's novel, was presented. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1189.

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Orage, Alfred Richard. Papers, 1921, 1930-1932, undated .12 items. Location: UU:118. English writer. Papers of Alfred Richard Orage (1873-1934) including a letter (1921) from his pupil, Katherine Mansfield; and newspaper clippings (1930) containing reviewsof his book The Art of Reading. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 965.

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Palfrey Family Papers, 1776-1918. (bulk 1806-1875). 388 items; 21 vols. Location: 77:89, H:22, Mss.Mf:P, 99. Family of planters, businessmen, politicians, public servants and author. Papers of John Palfrey (1768-1843) relate chiefly to the operation of Forlorn Hope Plantation, education of his sons, War of 1812, and reflect plantation life. Topics include the trade embargo, West Florida Controversy and the capture of Baton Rouge, War of 1812, slavery, cotton and salt production, and banking. Family papers pertain to Civil War battles, plantation economics, Confederate government, and Reconstruction. Papersof William Palfrey concern Ricahoc Plantation and a partnership David Weeks. They also discuss the Clinton and Port Hudson Railroad Company (1841-1842). Some items in French and Spanish. Available (with some omissions) on microfilm 6061 and 5322: University Publications of America Records of Southern Plantations from Emancipation to the Great Migration, Series B, Part 6, Reel 12; Records of Ante-Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War, Series I, Part 1, Reels 1-4. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 333, 334, 1409, 1442, 1632, 2076, 2580, 2773, 2857.

Patrick, Robert D. (Robert Draughton), 1835-1866. Letters, 1862. 3 items. Location: Misc:P. Private in a Louisiana Confederate regiment under General John Hunt Morgan. Two letters (1862) from Patrick to his sister, Mrs. Mary Patrick Nash; and a novel by W. H Maxwell, The Fortunes of Hector O'Halloran and His Man Mark Anthony O'Toole. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 893.

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Peck, Samuel Minturn. Letter, 1895 September 30. 1 item. Location: Misc. Alabama poet. Letter from Samuel M. Peck (1854-1938) stating his preference for good English over dialect verse which he believed to be overdone in the southern and western parts of the United States. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1763.

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Percival, James, 1795-1856, Letter, 1949 August 20. 1 item. American poet, geologist, and physician. Letter from Percival and addressed to U.S. Vice-President M. Fillmore disagreeing with recent political appointments, expressing disappointment with Whig Party politics, and foreseeing defeat of the Whigs in Ohio. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3449.

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Percy, Walker. Annotated printed items, circa 1953-1972. 2 reprints, 1 printed volume. Louisiana writer. Two reprints of articles by Percy and a copy of Jacques Maritain's Creative Intuition in Art and Poetry. These printed items were Percy's personal copies, and they are all annotated by Percy. Mss. 4488.

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