Literature, Reading and Writing

This guide describes collections documenting literature, reading, and writing in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections (LLMVC) at LSU. It includes the papers of authors, novelists, playwrights, poets, journalists, editors, critics, professors, and historians as writers. Materials in the collections include drafts of literary works (novels, short stories, essays, and plays, among other genres) correspondence, diaries, biographical sketches, research materials, galley proofs, and book reviews. "Literary works" as defined here include popular works, poetry transcribed in diaries, and other common efforts at literary expression. Collections dealing with reading and publishing are also described in this guide. Diary-writing in itself (apart from diaries that contain literature or are the diaries of literary authors) does not qualify a collection for inclusion in this guide. Other diaries will be found in the guides to plantations and women's collections. Most of the collections are from Louisiana, but there are also materials from other areas of the Lower Mississippi Valley.

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Crean, Mary Walsingham. Manuscript, circa 1881-1885. 1 item. Location: Misc.:C. Manuscript by Mary Walsingham Crean titled, 'Is he Knave or Fool--this Mr. Wilde?' For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 244.

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de Caro Francis A. and Rosan A. Jordan. Collection. 1956-2009, undated (bulk 1966-2003). 13 linear ft. Location: 11:19, 15:15-21. De Caro and Jordan were folklorists, authors, and Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, La.) professors. The collection includes personal and professional correspondence, writings, exhibitions, photographs, printed items consisting of brochures, handbills, newspapers, and posters; and topical files that document de Caro's folklore class at LSU, his work with the Louisiana Folklife Commission, and Jordan's work with the women's movement. Writings as well as exhibitions comprise material primarily related to folklore within Louisiana and British colonial life in India. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3197, 4089, 4164.

De Forest, George. Collection, 1548, 1604-1945. 44 linear ft., 149 vols. Location: 77:35-49; 31:25-30; 31:35-36; 31:63-65; OS:D; 98. New Orleans bookseller. Collection of American (including Louisiana), British, French, Latin American, and other documents, covering a wide range of occupations, including writers, lawyers, soldiers, clergy, and scientists. Includes a group of British travel diaries. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1350.

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De Forest, George. Scrapbooks, 1935-1943. 4 vols. Location: 28-49. New Orleans bookseller. Contents consist almost entirely of the column 'Art, Music, Literature, and Drama,' clipped from 'The Border Telegraph' (Galashiels, Peeblesshire, Scotland) between 1935 and 1943. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2600.

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De Lee, Augustus. Short story, undated 1 item. Location: Misc.:D. Typed drafts of the short story 'The Absent Groom,' by Augustus De Lee. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 107.

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Delelis, O. Leon. Scrapbook, 1843-1874. 1 ms. vol., 1 microfilm reel. Location: UU:252, Mss. Mf.:D. Schoolmaster and writer of St. Martinville and Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Scrapbook of manuscript writings and newspaper clippings, some pertaining to the Civil War and Reconstruction. In French. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2677.

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Delsarte, Francois Alexandre Nicolas. Papers, 1811-1934 (bulk 1830-1899). 1,448 items, 107 volumes, 8 microfilm reels. Location: 35:, OS:D, MSS.MF:D. French educator, music and dramatic instructor, and originator of a widely recognized system of elocution. Professional papers contain materials relating to the study of pantomime; notes and manuscripts of writings by Delsarte's pupils, William Alger and James MacKaye, together with studies of the Delsarte system by S. S. Curry, Claude Shaver, and others. Partly in French. Preliminarily processed but open for use. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1301.

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Dialectic Society. Resolution, 1859 September 10. 1 item. Location: Misc. A student literary society at the University of North Carolina. Resolution by the Dialectic Society upon the death of a member, Norman A. Morrison of Richmond County, North Carolina, who graduated from the University in 1857. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1832.

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Dodge, Mary Abigail, 1833-1896. Letter, 1886 November 24. 1 item. Location: Misc:D. American writer. Letter to James Redpath on the staff of The North American Review comments on the publication of an essay and Dodge's literary career. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1350.

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Dorman, Caroline, 1889-1971. Recollections, 1977. 1 item [19 pages]. Location: Misc. Artist, writer, and naturalist. Resident of 'Briarwood,' Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana. Prepared by Gladys Britt, 'Sketches of Miss Caroline Dorman' consists of recollections of Dorman's life and work by friends and associates. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3180.

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Douglas, Ellen, 1921-. Papers, 1988. 5 linear ft. Location: Southern novelist. Location: E:36. Southern novelist. Blue line proofs, pasteups, and published copy (with dust cover) of CAN'T QUIT YOU BABY, by Ellen Douglas.For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4566.

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Douglas, Emily Caroline, b. 1840. Papers, 1855-1913 (bulk 1855-1868). 9 items, 2 ms. vols., 1 printed vol. Location: U:49, Mss.Mf:D. Available on microfilm 5750: University Publications of America Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century: Papers and Diaries Series E, Reels 8-9. Connecticut native and resident of Louisiana and Mississippi. Autobiography, diary, and writings describe life in New England; with her brother, the Rev. William Kirtland Douglas, near Natchez, Mississippi, during the Civil War; at New Iberia, Louisiana; in various Mississippi towns; and in New Orleans. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 566.

Douglas, Judith Hyams, 1875-1955. Papers, 1897-1955. 700 items, 3 vols. Location: E:56-57, Mss. Mf.:D, vault:5. New Orleans, Louisiana, lawyer and civic leader. Papers consist of letters from prominent Louisiana writers and political figures, speeches, photographs, business papers, and newspaper clippings documenting her work in organizations pertaining to child labor, woman suffrage, peace movements, Jewish refugees, the juvenile court, clubs for women, and the Mississippi River flood control programs. They also contain two copies of the charter and by-laws of Le Petit Salon (1925, 1927) A scrapbook relates to Belgian relief efforts and war service. Scrapbook available on microfilm. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1392.

Dreger, Ralph Mason Papers, 1959-1974.  2 linear feet.  Location 53, OS:D.  Ralph Dreger, a Methodist minister and Louisiana State University professor, was extremely active in civil rights causes throughout the South.  The collection consists of manuscripts, notes, articles, and correspondence pertaining to Dr. Ralph Dreger's research.  Letters to and from authors and researchers discuss publications, request information, and ask or grant permission for quotations.  Also included are journal articles pertaining to Dreger's research, as well as his own review, "Comparative Psychological Studies of Negroes and Whites in the United States: 1959-1965".  For further information, see online catalog.  Mss. 3900. 

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Duchein, Annette Ogden, 1907-1996. Letter, 1938 Apr. 30. 1 letter. Location: Misc. In a letter to Edward Larocque Tinker, Annette Duchein discusses Gwen Bristow, a literary speaking tour Bristow will make to women in Louisiana, and her own lectures across the state. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4202.

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Dufour, Charles L. Digest, 1861-1862, 1959. 1 vol. [on microfilm]. Location: Mss. Mf.:D. Historian and author.Research notes taken from New Orleans newspapers and other sources pertaining to New Orleans prior to the Federal occupation in 1862, collected by Charles L. Dufour for a book on the fall of the city during the Civil War. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1536.

Dupuy, Eliza A. (Eliza Ann), 1814-1881. Letter, 1854 Jan. 2. 1 letter. Location: Misc. Eliza Ann Dupuy was a Mississippi author best known for her novel about Aaron Burr, The Conspirator (1850). Dupuy in Rodney, Miss., writes to a Mr. Gallagher about the death of writer and editor, Thomas H. Shreve. Mss. 3948.

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Eager, Paul H. Papers, 1899-1908. 111 items, 5 manuscript volumes. Location: U:50, F:16. Professor of English at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Collection containing biographical sketches and writings of poets and authors of Mississippi during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Included are newspaper clippings, letters, and manuscript and printed writings of authors. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 130.

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East, Charles. Papers, circa 1849-2005. 11.5 linear ft. Location: 1:6-12; 1:73; 7:37-41; Vault MRDF 2; Vault:1. Editor, newspaperman, author, freelance writer, and collector of photographs. Correspondence, writings, research notes, articles, book reviews, clippings, brochures, photographs, and other printed items are divided into the following series: subject file, writings and galley proofs, and photographs. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3471.

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Eaton, Walter Prichard, 1878-1957. Letters, 1935. 2 items. Location: Misc. American author, literary critic and educator. Letters predict future reputations of contemporary writers and discuss the impact of the play, Tobacco Road. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2912.

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