Literature, Reading and Writing

This guide describes collections documenting literature, reading, and writing in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections (LLMVC) at LSU. It includes the papers of authors, novelists, playwrights, poets, journalists, editors, critics, professors, and historians as writers. Materials in the collections include drafts of literary works (novels, short stories, essays, and plays, among other genres) correspondence, diaries, biographical sketches, research materials, galley proofs, and book reviews. "Literary works" as defined here include popular works, poetry transcribed in diaries, and other common efforts at literary expression. Collections dealing with reading and publishing are also described in this guide. Diary-writing in itself (apart from diaries that contain literature or are the diaries of literary authors) does not qualify a collection for inclusion in this guide. Other diaries will be found in the guides to plantations and women's collections. Most of the collections are from Louisiana, but there are also materials from other areas of the Lower Mississippi Valley.

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Kilbourne, Hal Harper. Family Papers, 1849-1861. 1 vol. [on microfilm]. Location: Mss. Mf.:K. History and minutes of the organization, titled "First Book of the Chronicles of the Mystic Seven, Temple of the Wreath," located at Centenary College, Jackson, La., written in cryptic language, includes names of members, dates they joined, and secret names taken in the organization. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2891.

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King, Grace Elizabeth. Papers, 1851-1941 (bulk 1864-1932). 3,800 items, 49 volumes, and 24 microfilm reels. Location: UU:10-18, UU:23-24, UU:27-31, 98:K, N:6, OS:K, Vault:11, MSS.MF:K. New Orleans writer and historian. Correspondence, literary writings in notebooks, photographs, bound manuscript volumes, and printed material concern the literary career of Grace King, historical interests, travels, and personal affairs. Her correspondence and diaries describe her extensive travel throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Diary 3 describes her childhood experiences at L'Embarass plantation in St. Martin Parish. Her correspondence also describes yachting in Florida and other Southern states. For further information, see online catalog. Part of the Grace King Collection. Mss. 1282.

King, Grace Elizabeth. Selected papers, 1864, 1883-1933. 1 linear ft., 2 microfilm reels. Location: UU:31, MSS.MF:K, Vault:1. New Orleans writer and historian. Business and personal correspondence pertaining to Grace King's literary career, European travels, and social and family life; includes some family correspondence, principally of her sister, Annie R. King. Papers also include a copy of an order issued by Richard Taylor concerning the Battle of Mansfield (1864), a program for the memorial service for Jefferson Davis held in New Orleans (1903), and manuscript notes concerning the United States Army occupation of New Orleans (undated). Correspondence from Baron Edouard de Pontabla, Charles Wagner, Henry Vignaud, and Flora O'Gorencees discuss World War I. Partly in French. For further information, see online catalog. Part of the Grace King Collection. Mss. 1282.

King, John W. Papers, 1828-1860 (bulk 1830-1850). 0.5 linear ft., 1 microfilm reel. Location: UU:105, MSS.MF:K, OS:K. Physician of Covington, Kentucky and president of Newport Manufacturing Company, Newport, Kentucky. Papers include correspondence, legal documents, receipts, printed materials, manuscript writings, a will, and a medical notebook. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1372, 1382.

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Kirby, Thomas Austin. Papers, 1932-1988. Professor at Louisiana State University from 1935 to 1973, serving as head of the English Department from 1940 to 1973. Research notes, correspondence, articles, exams, criticism, and phonograph records covering the period 1932 to 1988 document the professional life of Thomas Austin Kirby. The bulk of the collection is comprised of his research in Medieval and Victorian literature and its writers. Geoffrey Chaucer's work is paid particular attention, notably his CANTERBURY TALES. Unprocessed. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4558.

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Krumpelmann, John T., 1892-. Manuscript, ca. 1935-1968. 6 items. Location: UU:147. Professor emeritus of German and Russian, LSU. Typescript of English translation of Der Zerbrochene Krug by Heinrich von Kleist; an LSU student stage adaptation of the play; and book reviews published in The German Quarterly, including a review of Morgan's translation of Der Zerbrochene Krug. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2366.

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La Farge, Oliver. Papers, 1929-1932. 4 items, 1 vol. Location: Misc., M:18. Papers include a copy of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel Laughing Boy, a program of the adapted play by Otis Chatfield-Taylor, and correspondence describing Native American dances. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1421.

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La Houssaye, Sidonie de. Papers, circa 1880-1894. 22 volumes, 6 microfilm reels. Location: F:17, MSS.MF:L. French Louisiana author of Franklin, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. Manuscript drafts of short stories (in French) written by Madame Sidonie de la Houssaye : Volumes 1 and 2: L'etoile d'argent. Volume 2: Le fort de Keronec; Une paire de gants; Une poupee d'autrefois; Les fleurs et les bijoux de la grand'mere; Rose Blanche; Les petits vagabonds; Volume 3 Mythologies des petits enfants; Volume 4: George Gerard.For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 105.

Lafon, Thomy. Papers, 1893-1916. 3 items [photocopies]. Location: Misc. African American philanthropist. Poem written about Lafon by R. L. Desdunes (1893); and documents pertaining to the burial of Lafon and his family (1898-1916). For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 778.

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Lambremont, John D. Family papers, 1843-1978. 0.5 linear ft., 7 vols. (3 on microfilm). Location: OS:L, M:12, W:28, Mss. Mf.:L, Vault:1. Educator of St. James Parish, La. Items include historical materials on St. James Parish, a print of the Convent of Sacred Heart (1974), some U.S. currency (1860-1874), and a number of printed items and manuscript volumes. Some financial and legal papers concern his father-in-law, Nelson Paul Himel. Correspondence includes a typed letter from Warren Dicharry, in which he describes teaching in China (March 19, 1949). Some materials in French. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2863.

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Lane, Pinkie Gordon. Papers, 1925-2001 (bulk 1970-2000). 15 linear ft., 1 volume. Location: T:128-141; T:100 (short shelf); G:15; OS:L. African American poet, Louisiana poet laureate (1989-1992), and Southern University (Baton Rouge, La.) professor. Also the first African American woman to graduate from Louisiana State University with a Ph.D. Papers include personal and professional correspondence, writings, photographs, conference materials, printed items consisting of newspaper clippings, newsletters, programs, and fliers; and topical files that document Lane's personal and professional life. Her writings comprise copies of her poetry - some unpublished, book reviews, and an unpublished attempt at early prose work. Items concentrate on her African American colleagues and interest in African American literature and events. Lane was a resident of Baton Rouge (La.) since 1957 and accumulated a number of printed items for Baton Rouge events and organizations, including the Olympic Torch relay through Baton Rouge in 1996, and professional organizational newsletters for Capital Area Network. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4629. .

Laughlin, Clarence John. Papers, circa 1924-1978. 0.3 linear ft. Location: E:55. Louisiana photographer. Papers include a heavily annotated copies of volumes used by Laughlin and loose notes. Miscellaneous items include some correspondence, brochures, newspaper and magazine clippings, and maps. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4538.

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Laurent, Lubin F. Manuscript, undated 1 item. Location: U:199. 'History of St. John the Baptist Parish' (typewritten original with author's marginal notes) by Lubin F. Laurent giving origin, resources, and progress of the Parish from 1519 to 1924. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 213.

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Layssard family. Papers, 1794-1960. 1 linear ft. Location: W:20-21, OS:L, VAULT:13. The Layssard family resided in northern Rapides Parish, Louisiana; Kate Kingston Boyd Grant, a writer from Grant Parish, was a relation of R. H. Grant and Harriet Grant, the heirs to Harriet Layssard. Collection contains business papers of the Layssard family, but is comprised mostly of the literary writings of Kate K. Grant: unpublished novels, short stories, and plays set in Louisiana; they include information about ante-bellum New Orleans and the Colfax riot of 1873. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2875.

Lieutaud, Albert Louis. Collection, 1650, 1801-1965. 10 linear ft. Location: U:247-250, OS:L, 34:8-14.. Collection consists of letters, Christmas cards, receipts, printed material, sketches, photographic prints, and sheet music concerning various subjects in New Orleans and Louisiana history; the career of R.J. Morgan, a 19th-century English actor in the United States; railroad transportation in the United States; the American Civil War; and Lieutaud's own literary works and his work as an art and manuscript dealer. About two-thirds of the collection consists of about 140 presentation copies of books and pamphlets on Louisiana topics given to Lieutaud. Partly in French. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1407, 1700, 1771, 1784, 1853, 1936, 2046, 2211, 2369, 2469.

Like morning glories ever blooming : an informal anthology of several essays by Lewis P. Simpson, 2001. 0.1 linear ft. Location: UU:198. Consists of a bound volume with photocopies of several of noted LSU English faculty member and Southern literature scholar Lewis P. Simpson's published essays and articles. Also contains published writings about Simpson, a speech given on his behalf at the 1991 Modern Languages Association Convention, and several pieces of correspondence between Simpson and anthology compiler Anthony G. Tassin. Tassin was a former student of Simpson's and completed the compilation in 2001 after years of correspondence and selecting items to include in the anthology. Mss. 5065.

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Lockett, Samuel H. Manuscript, 1873. 1 item [typewritten copy]. Location: U:210. Professor of engineering at LSU (1867-1873). Manuscript of 'Louisiana as it is' (1873) a study of the physical features of Louisiana by Lockett and an excerpt from a letter from Lockett to Colonel David F. Boyd regarding authorship of the first topographical map of Louisiana and Lockett's desire to have "Louisiana as It Is" published (1884). For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 228.

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Logsdon, Joseph. Letter, 1968 April 29. 1 letter. Location: MISC:L. Joseph Logsdon was a department chair and history professor at the University of New Orleans. With Sue Eakin, a professor of history at Louisiana State University in Alexandria, Logsdon researched materials and annotated the book "12 Years a Slave" by Solomon Northrup, which made it a scholarly text. Charles L. Dufour was a journalist and author from New Orleans, Louisiana. He wrote a weekly column called "Pie Dufour's A La Mode" for the New Orleans States-Item. This is a letter written by Joseph Logsdon to Charles Dufour regarding Louisiana State University's publication of "12 Years a Slave" written by Solomon Northup with annotations researched and added by Logsdon and Sue Eakin. Logsdon asks Dufour if he can write about the publication in his column for the newspaper. It is likely a copy of the book accompanied the letter. Mss. 5157.

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Longcope, Janet Percy Dana. Papers, 1911-1917. 31 items. Location: W:52. Red Cross Nurse during WWI. Letters (1911-1917) were written by poet and author, William Alexander Percy to his cousin, Janet Percy Dana Longcope, of New York. Letters concern Percy's travels, his writings (particularly his poetry), Janet's nursing service in France during World War I, Percy's interest in military service, and American involvement in the war, and personal matters.For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3511.

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Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Volume, 1770-1788. 1 vol. Location: Vault:31. Six pamphlets and one volume pertaining to the royal court of France during the reign of Louis XVI. Pamphlets relate to the wedding of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette (1770), the birth of their son Louis Joseph (1782), the peace at the end of the Anglo-French War (1783), and the meeting of the Parlement of Paris (1788). The manuscript is that of a French poem. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1861.

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