Manuscript Resources on the Long Family

One of Louisiana's strongest traditions is its love of politics. Always colorful, sometimes controversial, the state's political heritage is a rich one. The Long family has been synonymous with Louisiana politics since 1918, with Huey P. Long's election that year to the state's Railroad Commission (now known as the Louisiana Public Service Commission). Since that time, Long and his family have left a significant mark on state and national politics.

This guide includes manuscript resources by or about various members of the Long family. Major collections include papers of Huey Long (governor 1928-1931, U.S. senator 1932-1935); his brother, Earl K. Long (acting governor 1939-1940, governor 1948-1952, 1956-1960); Huey Long's son, Russell B. Long (U.S. senator 1948-1986); and Russell Long's third cousin, Gillis W. Long (U.S. congressman 1963-1965, 1973-1985). Other significant collections contain papers of Carolyn Bason Long (wife of Russell B. Long) and Cathy Long (U.S. congresswoman 1985-1987, wife of Gillis Long). Some papers of Rose McConnell Long (U.S. senator 1936-1937, wife of Huey Long) can be found in the Russell B. Long collection. The various collections include correspondence, speeches, interviews, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, films, videotapes, and other materials.

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Gerald Lyman Kennth Smith circular, ca. 1936. 1 item. Location: OS:S. Orator, political organizer, national organizer of Huey P. Long's "Share-the-Wealth" campaign. Printed copy of speeches made by Long's secretary, Earle J. Christenberry, and Louisiana attorney Maurice Gatlin attacking Smith for claiming to be Huey Long's successor and head of the "Share-Our-Wealth" movement. For further information, see online catalog. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1350.

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Gibbs, Mrs. Henry W. Papers, 1912-1921. 3 items [typed copies]. Location: Misc. Resident of Shreveport, Louisiana. Letters to Mrs. Gibbs concerning genealogy of the Gibbs, Fitz-Gerald and Long families. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 487.

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Gilkison, Helen, 1909-1948. Papers, 1925-1962 (bulk 1925-1948). 218 items, 29 vols. (3 ms. vols., 26 printed vols.). Location: U:167-168, 98:G. Louisiana journalist. Papers include correspondence (1929-1953) from national and local journalistic figures, manuscript writings (1927-1947), newspaper clippings, printed materials, photographs, and scrapbooks relating to Gilkison's activities at LSU and as a journalist. Clippings relate to LSU, local politics, and the death of Huey Long. Collection includes a broadside concerning a bill for a poll tax law signed by O. K. Allen and Huey Long. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1901, 2175.

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Grace, Lucille May. Scrapbooks, 1908-1956. 127 items and 13 ms. vols. Location: A:27, 84:1-6, OS:G. Register of the State Land Office. Series of eleven scrapbooks (1929-1950) and political campaign items (1956) of Lucille Grace Dent; and two scrapbooks and newspaper clippings (1908-1927) of her father, Fred J. Grace, Register of the State Land Office from 1908 until his death in 1931. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1863, 2145.

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Graham, W. B. Papers. 1933-1936. 62 items. Location: E:45, J:24. Agent for the Louisiana State Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. Papers relate to the Bureau's responses to reports of criminal activities, mainly in Louisiana. They consists of investigation reports; photographs, including photographs of officers burning a marijuana field; scrapbook (1933-1936, n.d.), and newspaper clippings concerning activities of criminals such as John Dillinger and Clyde Barrow. Other items and clippings pertain to the assassination and funeral of Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3002

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