Manuscript Resources on the Long Family

One of Louisiana's strongest traditions is its love of politics. Always colorful, sometimes controversial, the state's political heritage is a rich one. The Long family has been synonymous with Louisiana politics since 1918, with Huey P. Long's election that year to the state's Railroad Commission (now known as the Louisiana Public Service Commission). Since that time, Long and his family have left a significant mark on state and national politics.

This guide includes manuscript resources by or about various members of the Long family. Major collections include papers of Huey Long (governor 1928-1931, U.S. senator 1932-1935); his brother, Earl K. Long (acting governor 1939-1940, governor 1948-1952, 1956-1960); Huey Long's son, Russell B. Long (U.S. senator 1948-1986); and Russell Long's third cousin, Gillis W. Long (U.S. congressman 1963-1965, 1973-1985). Other significant collections contain papers of Carolyn Bason Long (wife of Russell B. Long) and Cathy Long (U.S. congresswoman 1985-1987, wife of Gillis Long). Some papers of Rose McConnell Long (U.S. senator 1936-1937, wife of Huey Long) can be found in the Russell B. Long collection. The various collections include correspondence, speeches, interviews, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, films, videotapes, and other materials.

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Louisiana photograph collection, 1921-1937, undated 19 items. Location: E:. Collection Includes images of Thibodaux, La., Crowley, La., the aftermath of a 1933 tornado in Minden, La., the 1921 Louisiana Constitutional Convention, a Farmer's Dairy Tour with Huey Long, and a ribbon cutting for the Long/Allen Bridge in Shreveport, 1933, and a photo of a Caroline Durieux drawing of a woman's head (1937). For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3354.

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Madden, Roberta M. Papers, 1968-2010. 11 linear ft. Location: 91:7-12. Baton Rouge-based businesswoman and activist. Papers include correspondence, subject files, publications, and other records related to her professional career and tenure as a leading local, state, and national advocate for women's rights and other progressive social and political causes. Mss. 5022.

Magruder, Benjamin Scott Collection, Hilda Moss Papers, 1921-1972 (1926-1940). 2.5 linear ft. Location: 109:24, OS:M. Baton Rouge, La., social worker. Papers relate to the administration of public relief aid in Louisiana under the direction of the Federal Emergency Relief Administration during the 1930s. Printed material and scrapbooks also report on WPA work programs, World War II, and the LSU Board; and they reflect the Louisiana political environment, particularly during the Huey P. Long era. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4425.

Makar, John. Papers, 1938-1968, undated 32 items. Location: UU:85. Attorney of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Correspondence with Hubert H. Humphrey, Russell B. Long, and others concerns Makar's friendship with Humphrey, and contemporary national and state politics. Newspaper clippings refer to Humphrey's experience as a student at LSU and his political career. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2505.

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Morgan, Ottis Pat. Papers, 1940-1962 (bulk 1947-1948). 1.5 linear ft. Location: 79:62-63, OS:M. Research materials for M.A. thesis in Speech, 'A rhetorical study of the radio speaking of Sam Houston Jones in the 1948 Gubernatorial campaign.' Includes a scrapbook compiled by Dr. Waldo W. Braden, Louisiana State University Department of Speech, about the 1948 Gubernatorial campaign and candidates Sam H. Jones, Earl K. Long, Robert Kennon, and Jimmy Morrison. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2136.

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Morris, James K. Papers, 1936-1981. 0.2 linear ft. Location: D:90. Compiled research materials on the Llano Colony, a cooperative society organized in California (1914). Part of the colony migrated to Newllano, Louisiana (1918). Letters, printed items, research materials and photographs relate to the Newllano Colony. Printed items include 'Huey P. Long Speaks to You from His Grave through His Disciples,' an open letter by the Board of Directors of Llano Colony (1966). For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3441, 3640.

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National Student League letter, 1935 March. 1 item. Location: MISC:N. Letter condemns Huey Long's political machine and urges the organization of a National Student League chapter on the LSU campus. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2140.

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Oge, John M. Papers, 1838-1939 (bulk 1915-1932). 0.5 linear ft. Location: W:53-54, OS:O. Resident, politician, and planter of Grand Coteau, Louisiana. His political offices included mayor of Grand Coteau, deputy sheriff of St. Landry Parish, and representative in the Louisiana State Legislature. Financial papers relate to the production of agricultural products. Early business correspondence discusses cotton and a property dispute. Personal correspondence from Oge's sons discusses employment, the military, and WWI. Political correspondence reflects the political atmosphere in Louisiana during the early 20th century with letters from the Louisiana governor's office, Huey P. Long, and political allies. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 4207.

Overton, John H. (John Holmes). Papers, 1896-1984 (bulk 1916-1940). 4 linear ft. Location: 106:22-23, OS:O. Graduate of Louisiana State University, attorney, United States Senator for Louisiana, and political ally of Huey P. Long. Papers include political, financial, and personal papers. Political papers include materials related to Overton's senatorial campaigns and the campaigns of some of his political allies (Winston Overton, John B. Fournet, and Earl K. Long). Also included are files related to a U.S. Senate-led investigation into corruption related to Overton's 1932 senatorial nomination. Mss. 4371.

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Overton, John Holmes. Scrapbook, 1932-1959, undated 1 vol., 5 items. Location: F:23, MISC:O. U.S. senator from Louisiana. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings pertain to Overton's political career. Items include a copy of Overton's memorial address on Huey Long (1936), a news release concerning a bill to reorganize the federal judiciary (1937), and commemorative programs. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3130.

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