Spanish-Language Manuscript Materials

Since 1519, when the Spanish explorer Alonso Alverez de Pineda led an expedition along the northern shores of the Gulf of Mexico and discovered the mouth of the mighty Mississippi, Spanish culture has influenced Louisiana. The Spanish-language manuscript resources in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections (LLMVC) at LSU touch upon all these sources of Spanish cultural influence. This guide to these resources includes descriptions of the papers of early colonists, Spanish-speaking people and free people of color in the nineteenth century, and residents of cities and towns like New Orleans and Natchitoches. The documents it describes came from farmers and merchants, writers and artists, women and men, the famous and the anonymous.

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Casa Calvo, Marquis De (Sebastian de la Puerta Y O'Farril). Ordinance, 1804 March 16. 1 item. Location: Misc.C. Spanish governor of Louisiana. Copy of ordinance issued by Casa Calvo and signed by Francisco Collell and John Joseph Cruzat, captains of the Regiment of Infantry of Louisiana. In Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1257.

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Cortes, Fernando, 1487-1547. Ordinances, 1524 March 20. 4 items (photocopies), typewritten transcription and translation. Location: Misc. Spanish conqueror of Mexico. Ordinances prescribing the rule and conversion to Christianity of the Indians, crops to be planted, and residence requirements for Spaniards holding Indian slaves. Maps show Cortes' travels and a plan of Tenochtitlan. In Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2504.

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D'Aunoy, Nicholas F. Proceedings, 1809. 1 item. Location: Misc.:D, OS:D. Record of proceedings (notarized copy) in the case of Nicholas F. Daunoy vs. Maria Elizabeth Detrehan, widow of Carlos Fabre Daunoy, regarding settlement of the estate. In Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 97.

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Dalferes, Antonio. Papers, 1822-1838. 24 items. Location: C:72. Resident of Assumption Parish, Louisiana. Much of the collection consists of sales and transfers of land and slaves between Dalferes and other residents of Assumption Parish. There are also papers relating to the estates of S. Navarro and Francisco Machado. Partly in Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 552.

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Dart, Elisabeth K. (Elizabeth Kilbourne). Collection, 1774-2005. 5.5 linear feet. Location: 121:8-10, OS:D, Vault:5. Resident and local historian in St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Wrote about West Feliciana subjects including the Railroad, biographies of notable figures, and tours for Grace Cemetery. Collection contains manuscript and research materials used for exhibits, lectures, tours, and writing on West Feliciana Parish. Manuscripts include deeds, correspondence, accounting records, legal papers, court cases, and receipts. Other records include published materials, copies of original materials, scrapbooks, photographs, notes, and exhibit text. Mss. 5023.

Davidson, John M. Legal Papers, 1861-1867. 124 items. Location: UU:111. Lawyer in New Orleans who handled cases for client Charles Black, a commission merchant and steamboat owner of Matamoros, Mexico, as well as cases involving steamboats and the United States Commissioner of Claims in Louisiana. Legal papers include bills, receipts, petitions, court summons, acts of sale, and promissory notes of Charles Black, reflecting his financial interests in several steamers and ships. In English and Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1472.

De La Vega, Joaquin Fel. Receipt, 1841 March. 1 item. Location: Misc. Receipt for payment by Carlos Perker. In Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1208.

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de Trujeda, Bernardino, Declaration, 1799. 1 volume (88 pages). Location: 111:1. Certified copy of declartion regarding financial condition of sugar plantation and mill at Hacienda Senora Santa Ana Tepoxtepec, owned by the Regidor Perpetuo of Cordova, Mexico, Bernardino de Trujeda. The declaration is dated October 23, 1789, but the certified copy was signed January 25, 1799 by public notary Mariano Francisco Zambrano at Puebla de los Angeles. The document is bound and contains petitions, claims, and wills, some signed by various church officials. It also includes an inventory, appraisal, and description of slaves and other property. For further information see online catalog. Mss. 4998.

DeBlanc, Charles. Slave bills of sale and memorandum, 1835-1854. 3 items. Location: Misc:D. French-speaking slave owner of New Orleans. Papers include slave bills of sale of Charles DeBlanc to Auguste and Octave Reggio of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, and an undated memorandum to Luis DeBlanc. Slave bills of sale in French, memorandum in Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 100.

Douglass, Daniel. Document, 1802, 1813. 1 item. Location: Misc.:D. Resident of Concordia Parish, Louisiana. Sale of land of Daniel Douglass by Elijah Smith, executor for the estate, to Jonathan Thompson of Natchez, Mississippi. Attached is the grant to Douglass, signed by Joseph Vidal, Commandant of the Post of Concordia, 1802. Grant in Spanish. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 397.

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