Manuscript Resources on Women's History

This guide describes manuscript collections documenting women's history in the Louisiana and Lower Mississippi Valley Collections at LSU. It includes the papers of women, women's organizations, family papers with significant bodies of women's papers in them, and other collections that document women's history in one way or another.

LSU is fortunate because it collected women's papers very early, perhaps without systematically trying to do so. Women's voices, often buried in plantation collections and Civil War papers, have emerged from obscurity only in recent decades. Researchers coming to LSU can study the letters and diaries of plantation mistresses and teachers, the papers of women writers, and the papers of black women, among other sources. A number of our women's collections have been recently microfilmed by University Publications of America in its series on Southern Women and their Families, making these collections more widely accessible. 

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Art Reproductions, 1903-1915. 8 items. Location: OS:A. Early 20th century prints by various American artists depicting fashionable women, children and the Revolutionary War. Collection consists of HER INFINITE VARIETY by Harrison Fisher (circa 1914); THE FORTUNE HUNTER by Frank X. Leyendecker (circa 1915); ON THE ROAD TO MANDALAY, by Frank X. Leyendecker (circa 1908); THE LOST TOOTH by Charles A. Maclellan (circa 1914); REFLECTIONS by Z. P. Nikolaki (circa 1914); THE NATION MAKERS by Howard Pyle (circa 1903); BILLY BOY by Jessie Willcox Smith (circa 1914); and SNOW BIRD by Penrhyn Stanlaws (circa 1914). Mss. 2600-73.

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Asbury Independent Methodist Church. Photographs, 1977. 5 items. Location: E. Church located in White Castle, Louisiana, with a predominantly African American congregation. Photographs depicting the church interior show the church's pastor and assistant pastors, the women's auxiliary organization, the church Board of Stewardesses, and a baptismal group. Hill stacks For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 3177.

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Aswell, James B. Letter, 1925 Aug. 8. 1 item. Location: MISC:A. Educator who served as congressman from Louisiana, as well as as Louisiana State Superintendent of Schools. Letter from Aswell to Sam Fried of Alexandria, Louisiana, congratulating him on his marrage to Nettie Gainsburg. Mss. 3295.

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Audubon, John James. Letters, 1831-1832. 3 letters (photocopies). Location: Misc:A American naturalist and artist. Letters to his wife describe Audubon's nature study trip along the east coast of Florida. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 2787.

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Audubon, Lucy. Letter, 1873 March 14, undated. 1 letter, 1 letter cover. Location: MISC:A. Widow of John James Audubon. Thank you note to a Mrs. Kelly refers to Mrs. Audubon's near blindness. The letter is attached to a cover of a letter probably written in the 1840s from John James Audubon to Dr. Richard Harlan of Philadelphia. For further information, see online catalog. Mss. 1504.

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